Color Mixing for Artists

SKU: 978-0764154478
  • This reference book for art students, teachers, and professionals presents examples of finished paintings, as well as color charts that demonstrate color mixing as it applies to watercolors, acrylics, and oils. Students learn how to choose and mix colors to produce the maximum color range from the minimum number of paints. The book starts with a comprehensive, illustrated explanation of color theory, demonstrated with reference to the color wheel of primary and secondary colors. In separate sections that follow, the authors—each an expert in different paint media—show how to approach watercolors, acrylics, and oils. In addition to color charts, the book presents reproductions of gallery paintings in all three media to show how various hues are created and used. Still life illustrations, each with a detailed analysis of its color make-up, enable students to put theory into practice. Hundreds of color illustrations.
  • John Lidzey, Jill Mirza, Nick Harris & Jeremy Galton
    176 pages
    Barron's Educational Series
    Techniques & Reference