Heaven and Earth Vol. 2 - Cities and Countryside in Byzantine Greece

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  • Companion study volume to the exhibition catalogue Heaven and Earth - Art of Byzantium from Greek Collections. The past twenty years have been a new and exceptionally creative era for Byzantine studies and Byzantine museums in Greece. New Byzantine museums have been established, presenting finds from long-term systematic archaeological excavations by the Archaeological Service of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Greece, and older museums have redesigned the exhibits of their collections. New interpretative methods, innovative approaches, and the use of advanced technologies have created a contemporary museum environment that is both attractive and accessible to the wider public. Interest in Byzantine civilization has been further strengthened by the flourishing of Byzantine studies in major European and American universities, and has manifested itself over the past twenty years in the presentation of important exhibitions on Byzantium both in Greece and abroad.
- Edited
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- Benaki Museum 2013 Past Exhibitions 
- Item #: 978-9604761333