Girl with a Kitten - Lucien Freud - Giclée Print

SKU: 16630
  • This high quality art print reproduces Lucian Freud's painting, Girl with a Kitten. 

    - Print size: 9.5 inches x 12 inches
    - Giclée print on Purcell Ultrasmooth Fine Art 300gsm paper
    - Item #: 16630

    Girl with a Kitten is one of eight portraits that Lucian Freud painted of his first wife, Kathleen Garman (1926–2011). He made them between the years of 1947 to 1951. This closely cropped composition pictures her against a beige wall. She holds a kitten by its neck in an intense grip, her knuckles especially prominent, seeming to half-strangle the animal without concern. Given that Garman was generally known as Kitty (a short form of Kathleen), Freud is alluding to her familiar nickname in this painting. Garman stares into the middle distance with a pensive, wide-eyed expression, while the kitten looks directly at the viewer with its large wide eyes.

    Object Information:
    Oil paint on canvas, 16.14 inches x 12.2 inches

    Bequethed by Simon Sainsbury, 2006, accessioned in 2008
    Original work is in the Tate Museum