Getty 2017 Wall Calendar - Masterpieces of 19th Century European Painting

  • The European paintings collection at the Getty Museum is young and growing. Built largely over the past four decades thanks to J. Paul Getty’s monumental bequest, the collection has become particularly strong in its 19th-century holdings. Rather than aiming for encyclopedic coverage, the goal has been to showcase individual works that are aesthetically compelling and beautifully preserved, whether by iconic figures like Van Gogh or by less familiar artists like Winterhalter. In keeping with its historic stature, French art predominates, with important examples spanning the century from the Neoclassicism of David to the Impressionism of Renoir and the post Impressionism of Cézanne. An effort has been made both to represent key artists like Monet in depth and to diversify the collection by calling attention to developments outside of France. Indeed, among the more popular paintings in collection are works by the Belgian Khnopff, the Norwegian Munch, and the Englishman Turner. The cumulative result, we hope, is a stimulating mix of longtime favorites and unexpected surprises, capturing the rich diversity and teeming experiment of 19th-century European painting.

    - Dimensions: 11 3/4 in. x 11 3/4 in when closed
    - Calendar has 12 images
    - Binding: Stapled
    - Item # CAL2017LG