2018 Mini Wall Calendar - Views of the Getty

SKU: CAL2018
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  • This mini wall calendar features iconic views of the Getty Center and the Getty Villa.

    - Dimensions: 8 inches x 8 inches when closed
    - Calendar has 12 images, 6 of each site
    - Binding: Stapled
    - Item # CAL2018

    "Of all the art forms, architecture is the one with which people interact most intimately in the course of their daily lives. It is an art of substance, a language that communicates a society's values through forms and materials. Great architecture possesses a singular power to call people together, shape their interaction, influence their thinking--and foster community" - Harold M. Williams, founding president and CEO of the J. Paul Getty Trust 1981 - 1998

    Flowing, curvilinear elements, echoing the undulations in the natural terrain, are among the distinctive motifs expressed in the Getty Center's design. Architect Richard Meier's affinity for quality and permanence are manifested in his attention to detail and choice of materials. Panels of off-white metal and great expanses of glass give the buildings a fluidity and lightness that belies their mass, while Italian travertine provides a subtle dimensional exterior 'curtain' upon which sunlight plays in an ever-changing show of radiance. The J. Paul Getty Museum at the Getty Villa is a full-scale replica of the Villa dei Papiri, a Roman country house in Herculaneum destroyed by the eruption of Mr. Vesuvius in A.D. 79. Once visitors enter the site, they are transported back in time--from the Roman Empire-inspired flagstone road, sumptuously colored hand-cut marble mosaic floors, outdoor gardens with ever-changing views of sky, plants, fountains, and statuary, to ingenious trompe l'oeil wall-paintings inspired by examples found in archaeological excavations.