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Tea Drops Organic Teas

  • Tea Drops is a charming collection of organic teas that offer subtle twists to tea-time favorites, pressed into delightful shapes and presented in an inviting decorative balsa wood box. A unique approach to preparation - simply drop a Tea Drop into boiling water and stir.

    Available Flavors:

    Sweet Peppermint: Blended with spearmint leaves, peppermint oil and organic sugar, this Tea Drop is made from organically pressed teas.

    Variety: Sample and enjoy an assortment of the most popular Tea Drops with a curated Variety Box. Each box includes two (2) of each of the following flavors: Citrus Ginger, Rose Earl Grey, Sweet Peppermint and Vanilla.

    - Eight tea drops to a package
    - Directions: Use one Tea Drop per cup of boiling water (8 oz.). Simply pour boiling water in your cup, add the Tea Drop, stir and enjoy!
    - Box Dimensions: 7 inches x 2-5/8 inches x 2-1/8 inches