Triptolemos T-Shirt

  • This red-figure dinos, or mixing bowl that inspired this T-shirt design, depicts the departure of Triptolemos, who sits in his winged chariot ready to fly away to teach the secrets of agriculture to mortals. A mortal himself, Triptolemos was connected to the cult of Demeter, the goddess of fertility, and with the Elusinian Mysteries, which promised a rewarding afterlife to initiates in the goddess's cult. Depictions of Triptolemos's mission were very popular in the early 400s B.C., presumably owing to the popularity of the cult.

    - 100% Cotton
    - Unisex sizes M, L, and XL
    - To preserve color, we recommend washing garment inside out in cold water and tumble dry on low.
    - Do not iron decoration

    - Item #:
    TSTVUM - Medium
    TSTVUL - Large
    TSTVUX - X-Large

    Getty Object: Mixing Vessel with Triptolemos