Gold Plated Etruscan Rosette Bracelet

  • This stunning gold plated bracelet features the Etruscan Rosette pattern and is inspired by a pair of earrings found in the collection at the Getty Villa. Using filigree and granulation, Etruscan goldsmiths of the 500s B.C. created luxurious and showy jewelry. Large disk earrings such as the pair that inspired our Etruscan Rosette Jewelry Suite were popular in Etruria from the 500s down to the 300s B.C. and are frequently seen on figures depicted in Etruscan art. The original set of earrings probably came from Caere, a wealthy city on the western coast of Etruria, whose prosperity came from its iron and copper mines.

    - Gold Plated
    - Diameter: 2 5/8 inches
    - Width of Band: 9/16 inch
    - Item #: BRCETR