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The Medici: Portraits and Politics 1512-1570

The Medici family ruled Florence without interruption between 1434 and 1494, but following their return to power in 1512, Cosimo I de' Medici demonstrated an unprecedented ability to wield culture as a political tool. His rule transformed Florence into a dynasty and gave Florentine art the central position it has held ever since. As Florence underwent these dramatic political transformations in the sixteenth century, portraits became an essential means of recording character, social position, and cultural ambitions. This volume was written by leading international authors and features more than ninety remarkable paintings, sculptures, works on paper, and medals.

- Keith Christiansen and Carlo Falciani
- 328 pages
- 9 inches W x 11 inches L
- Hardcover
- Metropolitan Museum of Art
- 2021
- Art History
- Item #: 978-1588397300