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Vizzusi Art Glass Vase - Copper Tectonic

  • This richly patterned vase by contemporary artist Peter Vizzusi is created using ancient glass blowing techniques. Drawing on the artistic heritage of centuries of Italian craftsmen, the artist infuses classic Venetian style and design into a modern work of art glass. Vizzusi's vessels are created with an intuitive sense of color and form. The iridescent luster of his vases is obtained by adding silver and other metal oxides at high temperatures during the glass blowing process. This piece is a contemporary reflection of the types of historic glass found in the collection of the J. Paul Getty Museum. 

    Handcrafted and signed by the artist. As each piece is individually made; size and color may vary slightly from the vase pictured.

    Due to its handcrafted nature and limited availability, this piece may require up to 4 weeks to deliver. You will be contacted by our Customer Service team if your item will not ship within the normal 2-3 business days. Please contact us at or call our Customer Service line at 310-440-7333 if you wish to inquire about availability before ordering.

    - Handblown glass
    - 6 inches high x 6 inches diameter with 1 inch opening and 2 inch flared top
    - Item # Vase2204