The Little Van Gogh

Discover Van Gogh's life and work as you read, draw, and play. Let's travel to the South of France! Immerse yourself in the land of colors and put yourself in the shoes of an artist. The concept is entertaining and interactive so that children can learn while having fun! Throughout the pages, you will find some games, observations, thoughts, creations, drawings, and art history notions. Thanks to this varied and interactive content, children will be able to assimilate technical and theoretical notions like 'still life', 'watercolors,' and 'Impressionism', which are sometimes abstract and difficult to understand. Thanks to this book, the whole family will learn more about Post-Impressionism, Van Gogh's life, and Van Gogh's masterpieces.

- Catherine Du Duve
- 32 pages
- 6.5 inches W x 8.6 inches L x 0.2 inches H
- Paperback
- Kate Art
- Age 4 and up
- 2012
- Item #: 978-2930382326