Rose Bud Diffuser - Carmine Red

This beautiful life-like rose has been set in a gel infused with a fine fragrance. Each flower is skillfully handcrafted and has a special finish to give each petal a natural feel and appearance. Also enclosed is a bottle of rose-scented perfume, which you can spray directly onto the rose to refresh and enhance the scent. The faux flower is set in a glass container embossed with a silver crest.

- Glass container with rose is 2 inches in diameter x 5.25 inches high
- Gift box measures 4.25 inches square x 6.25 inches high
- Spray petals once a week with water to keep the rose soft and life-like
- Do not pour water into the container
- Keep out of direct sunlight, as the rose will fade
- Scent is a combination of rose, peony, iris, and hibiscus
- Made in the United Kingdom
- Item #: GMR44

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