A Pocket Dictionary of Greek and Roman Gods and Goddesses

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Title: A Pocket Dictionary of Greek and Roman Gods and Goddesses
  • Richard Woff

    The gods and goddesses of ancient Greece and Rome have long been popular subjects in Western art, and references to them continue to appear today in art, literature, and films.

    This handy, portable reference book includes individual entries on more than forty of the most frequently represented gods and goddesses, as well as related mythical creatures, such as Fates and Furies, and lesser-known gods from outlying areas of the Greco-Roman world. The author concisely presents the defining exploits and attributes of these colorful characters and illustrates their stories with a variety of art works—including ancient vases, paintings, sculpture, terra-cottas, and coins—that dramatically depict their lives. Because the ancient Romans adopted many of the Greek gods under different names—for instance, the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, became the Roman goddess Venus—the author helpfully gives the Roman names and attributes of the gods along with their Greek equivalents. An alphabetical table of contents is included to help readers easily locate a particular god or goddess in the book.

    Ages twelve and up.

    Richard Woff is deputy head of the education department at the British Museum and the author of The Ancient Greek Olympics and Bright-Eyed Athena.

    48 pages
    5 x 7 inches
    55 color illustrations
    ISBN 978-0-89236-706-1

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