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Colors: A Drawing Book Inspired by Art

Explore all the colors of the rainbow. From vermilion to indigo and a whole spectrum in between this beautiful gift book is the ultimate introduction to the world of color. Kids and adults alike can learn about color wheels, warm and cool shades, where colors get their names from and how famous artists like Monet, Matisse and Mondrian used color to bring their own works of art to life. Create an impressionist painting, mix together your very own paint and try your hand at creating different tones using watercolors. Packed full of fun activity prompts and featuring 16 blank pages of high quality art paper for you to get creative, Colors is the perfect tool for unleashing your inner artist.

- Giovanna Ranaldi (Author), Katherine Gregor (Translator)
- 48 pages
- 6.7 inches W x 8.6 inches L x 0.5 inches H
- Paperback
- Ages 12 and up
- 2021
- Item #:  978-1800690035