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Aperitivo Gift Set

A stunning gift box, ready made for the Italian tradition of aperitivo which usually consists of a light snack and wine or cocktail before dinner.

The box contains: - 12 cm diameter ceramic bowl
- 250 ml tin of Coratina extra virgin olive oil
- 500 ml silver glass bottle of Coratina extra virgin olive oil
- 580 g jar of Bella di Cerignola olives

Frantoio Muraglia, operated for five generations by the Muraglia family, prioritizes preserving the biodiversity of the agricultural landscape of Apulia and protecting the olive trees which are so vital to their company. The Coratina olive is native to Apulia and boasts high levels of polyphenols which contribute to both the flavor of the olive oil and the health benefits.

This award winning monocultivar extra virgin olive oil is made using only Coratina olives and has initial notes of dill, fennel, artichoke, and pepper with a spicy but balanced finish.

- Made in Italy
- Item #: APERIT