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Cup & Saucer - The Colosseum

This cup and saucer set is inspired by an artistic technique adopted by Renaissance and Baroque artists: the anamorphic vision. 

This technique consists of printing an image around the perimeter of a porcelain plate. The surface of the coffee cup is then covered by a layer of a platinum mirror that reflects the image printed on the plate. The image is thus projected on the whole cup, giving the illusion of depth. One of the most striking and beautiful sights in Rome, the Colosseum, is displayed on the reflecting porcelain surface of this cup.

- Made of high-quality bone china porcelain and platinum
- Cup measures 1.8 inches H x 2.8 inches in diameter
- Saucer measures 6 inches in diameter 
- Holds 3.7 ounces
- Gift box measures 6.5 inches x 6.5 inches x 2.5 inches  
- Hand wash; not microwave-safe
- Made in Italy
- Item #: 80517396200009