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Pomegranate Leaf Earrings with Garnet Clusters - Silver-Plated

  • Handcrafted in silver-plated bronze using the lost-wax casting technique, these earrings were inspired by pomegranates which appear in many forms throughout the Museum's collections. Created by California artist Jivita Harris-Casey exclusively for the J. Paul Getty Museum. 1 3/8" long with sterling silver ear wires. Packaged with educational insert.

    Silver-plated bronze
    1 3/8" earring drop
    Item #: EARVPLB

    Pomegranates were domesticated around 3000 B.C. This scarlet fruit has been revered by many cultures as a symbol of health, fertility, and rebirth, instilled with profound and mystical healing powers. Pomegranates can be found in mythology, Christian allegory, medieval folklore, and in many forms throughout the history of art, including pieces in the Getty Museum's collection.