Mercury Sculpture

SKU: RG00 3576
  • Hand patinated resin reproduction of a sculpture of Mercury, cast from the original in bronze, housed at the Theo-Desplans Archeological Museum in Vasion-la-Romaine.

    - Includes certificate of authenticity
    - Dimensions: 7 1/4 inches H x 2 1/2 inches H x 2 3/4 inches D (including base) 
    - Item#: RG00 3576

    As the god of trade and the protector of travelers, Mercury was the most venerated deity in Gaul. In this full-length statue he is shown naked, holding a purse in his right hand. The missing left hand must have held the caduceus. He is wearing a chlamys or woolen cape attached with a fibula at the shoulder, and the winged petasos or sun hat. This Mercury was found with its original pedestal.