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Unseen Body: A Doctor's Journey Through the Hidden Wonder of the Human Body

In this fascinating journey through the human body and across the globe, Dr. Reisman weaves together stories about our insides with a unique perspective on life, culture, and the natural world. Dr. Jonathan Reisman is a physician, adventure traveler, and naturalist who brings readers on an odyssey navigating our insides like an explorer discovering a new world.

With unique insight, Reisman shows us how understanding mountain watersheds helps to diagnose heart attacks, how the body is made mostly of mucus, not water, and how urine carries within it a tale of humanity's origins. Through his offbeat adventures in healthcare and across the globe, Reisman discovers new perspectives on the body: a trip to the Alaskan Arctic reveals that fat is not the enemy, but the hero; a stint in the Himalayas uncovers the boundary where the brain ends and the mind begins; and eating a sheep's head in Iceland offers a lesson in empathy. By relating rich experiences in far-flung lands and among unique cultures back to the body's inner workings, he shows how our organs live inextricably intertwined lives within an internal ecosystem reflecting the natural world around us. Reisman offers a new and deeply moving perspective and helps us make sense of our bodies and how they work in a way readers have never before imagined.

This title is featured in connection with the exhibition Flesh and Bones: The Art of Anatomy on view from February 22, 2022, to July 10, 2022, at the Getty Research Institute.

- Jonathan Reisman
- 224 pages
- 6.4 inches W x 9.2 inches L
- Hardcover
- Flatiron Books
- 2021
- History
- Item #: 978-1250246622