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History of the World in 12 Maps

  • Maps are objects of endless fascination, and the urge to map is a basic human instinct. In this masterful study, historian and cartography expert Jerry Brotton reveals how maps—far from being objective documents—are intimately tied to the views and agendas of particular times and places. Beginning with Ptolemy’s Geography and ending with the satellite-powered behemoth of Google Earth, Brotton examines a dozen world maps from around the globe and through the centuries to trace the long road to our present geographical reality. This is the kind of book map lovers and history buffs adore. Beautifully illustrated and brilliantly original, A History of the World in 12 Maps was a hit in the U.K. and is certain to work its cartographic magic on American audiences.

    - Jerry Brotton
    - 544 pages
    - Paperback 6" W x 9" H
    - Penguin Random House 
    - Item #: 978-0143126027

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