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Fertility Goddess Sculpture Reproduction

Carved from the local limestone on the island of Cyprus, the female figure that inspired this reproduction is one of the largest examples of cruciform (cross-shaped) statuettes from the Chalcolithic period. In ancient Cypriot art, the female form was often associated with fertility and childbirth, and the flattened thighs of this figure appear to show her squatting in a birthing position. Her detailed head with added facial features, ears, and hair atop an elongated neck contrasts with her highly schematized body and large pendent breasts. Double-roped bands on the arms may represent jewelry, perhaps bracelets. Ancient attachment holes for repairing the figure’s broken left arm are clearly visible, attesting to the significance of the image. Over one hundred cruciform figures made in southwestern Cyprus in the period 3000-2500 BC are known. Found primarily in burials, almost all are considerably smaller in scale than the original on which this reproduction was modeled. The size of the statue suggests that it was made as a cult image representing a fertility divinity or mother goddess.

- Material: Bonded Marble
- Dimensions: H: 11 inches x W: 7 inches x D: 4 inches
- Made in China
- Item #:  MRFG