Boxed Dragon Calligraphy Set

This calligraphy set features a deep blue quill pen with a stainless steel tip and a small bottle of ink embossed with a pewter medieval dragon. Each pen is crafted of precious feathers and assembled by hand with care in Florence, Italy.

- Quill pen with stainless steel tip and high quality ink in a glass bottle
- Quill pen measures 10 inches in length
- Ink bottle is 1 inch square x 2 inches H
- Box measures 11.5 inches x 4 inches x 1.25 inches
- Not for use by Children under the age of 12
- Made in Florence, Italy
- Item#: PIU47-BLU

The dragon is depicted in the Middle Ages as a large fire breathing scaly beast with bat like wings, horns, and a long muscular tail.