Alien Worlds

Welcome to the next, astounding stop through Kerby's vast universe: extra terrestrial worlds full of alien creatures, and lush landscapes, martian atmosphere and lunar terrains. Vast worlds and encounters with creatures big and small.

This is Alien Worlds, the third installment in Kerby's internationally bestselling Worlds series. And just as Worlds Within Worlds, the book that launched this series, played with links between the images, Kerby is working on a storyline to tie the entire book together.

An astronaut from Earth discovers these alien worlds, gathering information about them, and keeping track of his adventures. One thing we know is that Kerby is acheiving higher and higher goals—now it's time to take him insterstellar.

- Kerby Rosanes
- 96 pages
- 10 inches W x 9.9 inches L
- Paperback
- Plume
- 2023
- Coloring Book
- Item #: 978-0593472101