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Old World Map Kaleidoscope

  • Challenge your imagination as you rotate the ever-changing views of this kaleidoscope inspired by a map found in the Getty Research Institute's print collection, ''Tonatiu´h and Electra Gutie´rrez collection of maps and images of the Americas'

    - 6 1/2 inches high
    - Item #: 2315BJPG

    Jodocus Hondius (c. 1563 - 1612), sometimes called "Jodocus Hondius the Elder" to distinguish him from his son, was a Flemish / Dutch engraver and cartographer, and is one of many contributors to the Gutie´rrez collection. He is best known for his early maps of the New World and Europe, for re-establishing the reputation of the work of Gerard Mercator, and for his portraits of Francis Drake. He helped establish Amsterdam as the center of cartography in Europe in the 17th century.