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Gift Set - Malibu Farm Cookbook and Malibu Honey

  • Description
  • The perfect gift for the person who appreciates fine food and quality ingredients. From the beloved restaurant, Malibu Farm, a cookbook that celebrates fresh produce, meals for sharing, and the beauty of coastal California - along with a jar of local raw honey used at the restaurant in its recipes. 

    Malibu Farm Cookbook: Recipes from the California Coast

    - Helene Henderson
    - 304 pages
    - 8.8 inches W x 11.6 inches L x 1.2 inches H
    - Hardcover
    - Penguin Random House
    - 2016
    - Item #: 978-1101907368

    Malibu Honey
    Local bees gathered nectar from flowers on Point Dume and the Santa Monica mountains to create this flavorful raw honey.

    - Made in Malibu, California
    - 12 oz. jar
    - Item #: MALHON

    Item #: SETMALIBU

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