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Cupid Sterling Silver Necklace

  • Based on an original intaglio dated to the 1st or 2nd Century A.D., this necklace depicts the god Cupid with a bird and features a stunning pearl drop.

    Cupid, son of Venus, was the Roman god of love, attraction and affection. Cupid, also known as Amor in Latin, evolved from the Greek god, Eros. To the ancients the bird was a symbol of the soul, the seat of all passion. In this charming intaglio a winged Cupid is interacting with a small bird in the branch above his head, creating a lovely tableau with a message about the strength of love and desire.

    - Sterling Silver with Freshwater Pearl
    - Pendant: 1/2" long (not including pearl) by 5/16" wide
    - Chain Length: 16"
    - Made in the U.S.A.
    - Item #: ASH007N

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