Venezia 2099 Board Game

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  • In this board game, Venice, suffering from a dark prophecy, is doomed to sink beneath the sea. Playing, one will experience the slow submersion of this legendary city. Players take on the roles of adventurous art collectors scrambling to gather valuable treasure scattered around Venice's famous lagoons. One must carefully carve one's way through the sinking sections of the city and use floating platforms as safe havens. Gondolas will help one escape from the desperate prospect of sinking oneself. Keep a cool head and clear overview of what is going on all around you in order to win the game. Contains 1 game board, 64 city tiles, 60 treasure tiles, 52 playing cards, 20 playing figures, 60 coins and 1 rule.

    - Comes boxed: 11.5 inches x 11.5 inches 
    - Item #: 006335