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Olive & Thyme: Everyday Meals Made Extraordinary

Melina Davies treats everyone like family. Stop by her house and she'll whip you up a fluffy buttery vegetable quiche with fresh greens in a homemade dressing. Visit her wildly popular L.A. restaurant and marketplace, Olive & Thyme, and she'll come by your table to see how you're enjoying your avocado and burrata toast. Ask her for tips on hosting the in-laws for dinner, and she'll walk you through her juicy roast chicken with thyme and which wine to serve and music to play. A consummate host and lauded chef, Davies brings her love of togetherness to Olive & Thyme, where the vibe is relaxed and warm and the food is fresh and delicious. Davies brings that same passion to her book, Olive & Thyme, which shares her most popular recipes (drawn from French, Californian, Italian, and Middle Eastern influences), along with her breezy, practical entertaining advice. With stunning photos by Ann Elliott Cutting and Ashley Barrett and a foreword by the four-time James Beard winner Nancy Silverton (author of Chi Spacca and The Mozza Cookbook), Olive & Thyme is the ingredient every kitchen needs, a fun, inspirational guide to enjoying what matters most in life: family, friends, good food, and music.

- Melina Davies
- 240 pages
- 8.3 Inches W x 10.7 Inches L x 1 Inch H
- Hardcover
- Prospect Park Books
- 2020
- Gardens & Cooking
- Item #: 978-1945551710