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Durer's Journeys: Travels of a Renaissance Artist

This generously illustrated book examines the career of prominent Renaissance artist Albrecht Dürer (1471–1528) as an international traveler, addressing his relations with artists from Italy to the low countries, including Giovanni Bellini, Joos van Cleve, Jan Gossaert, Lucas van Leyden, Quentin Massys, and Bernard van Orley. Bringing together paintings, drawings, and prints, the book examines Dürer as an artist-entrepreneur, explorer, and innovator of artistic theory. Dürer's treaties, letters, and detailed journal of his journey to the low countries in 1520-1 offer insights into his artistic practices and encounters with artists and patrons, as well as the nature of travel in the early 16th century.

- Susan Foister (Author) and Peter van den Brink (Author)
- 304 pages
- 9.7 inches W x 11.2 inches L x 1.1 inches H
- Hardcover
- National Gallery London
- 2021
- Item #: 978-1857096675