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The Space of Effusion: Sam Francis in Japan

Sam Francis, one of the world's preeminent Abstract Expressionists, first traveled to Japan in 1957. There, the California painter quickly established studios and residences and became active in a circle of avant-garde artists, writers, filmmakers, architects, and composers. This first full-length monograph, published in cooperation with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, explores an important aspect of postwar art: the dialogue between Eastern and Western sensibilities that prefigured the global inter-connectedness and cross-cultural exchange of our own era.

- Richard Speer
- 224 pages
- 9.25 inches W x 11.75 inches L x 1.1 inches H
- Hardcover
- Scheidegger and Spiess
- 2020
- Drawings & Paintings
- Item #: 978-3858818614