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Lamassu Sculpture

The original version of this Assyrian sculpture was carved from limestone and depicts Lamassu, a human-headed, winged bull, and lion hybrid. The sculptor gave these guardian figures five legs so they appeared to be standing firmly when viewed from the front but striding forward when seen from the side. The Lamassu protected and supported important doorways in Assyrian palaces.

- Resin sculpture measures: 3 inches W x 9 inches L x 10 inches H
- Box measures: 11 inches x 5 inches x 12 inches
- Item #: AS3

From the ninth to the seventh century B.C., the kings of Assyria ruled a vast empire centered in northern Iraq. The great Assyrian King, Ashurbanipal II, undertook a vast building program at Nimrud, ancient Kalhu. The new capital was constructed with a mud wall over five miles long. In the enclosure was the acropolis, temples, palaces, and administrative offices. Beasts, such as the Lamassu, were fashioned out of white limestone and alabaster and set up at the gates and the palace for an imposing entrance to the grand capital.