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Do Not Erase: Mathematicians and Their Chalkboards

In Do Not Erase, photographer Jessica Wynne presents remarkable examples of images of mathematicians’ chalkboards.  Wynne offers more than one hundred stunning photographs of these chalkboards, gathered from a diverse group of mathematicians around the world. The photographs are accompanied by essays from each mathematician, reflecting on their work and processes. Together, pictures and words provide an illuminating meditation on the unique relationships among mathematics, art, and creativity.

The mathematicians featured in this collection comprise exciting new voices alongside established figures, including Sun-Yung Alice Chang, Alain Connes, Misha Gromov, Andre Neves, Kasso Okoudjou, Peter Shor, Christina Sormani, Terence Tao, Claire Voisin, and many others. The volume also includes an introduction by the author, an afterword by New Yorker writer Alec Wilkinson, and biographical information for each contributor.

Do Not Erase is a testament to the myriad ways that mathematicians use their chalkboards to reveal the conceptual and visual beauty of their discipline - shapes, figures, formulas, and conjectures created through imagination, argument, and speculation.

- Jessica Wynne
- 240 pages
- 8.3 inches W x 11.2 inches H
- Hardcover
- Princeton University Press
- 2021
- Photography
- Item #: 978-0691199221