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The Little Book of Roses

This little gift book, beautifully illustrated with antique prints, tells the story of roses of all colors from the perspective of botany, history, literature, poetry, and songs, among others. It answers questions such as: Why don't scented roses last as long as scentless ones? Who has sung about roses? How do you make rose water? What does a white rose symbolize? Where does the Provins rose come from? What are the most beautiful rose gardens in France? Why do people give pink roses on Mother's Day? What is rose essential oil used for? When did the tradition of the rose queen begin? With a page devoted to each flower's history, lore, and meaning, the information combines the factual and the fascinating. In 79 vintage chromolithographs, it depicts both heirloom and modern varieties and describes how different kinds of roses have been used over the centuries in medicine, food, confectionery, and fragrance. This charming book answers questions about the language and symbolism of roses and explains how they became closely associated with romance and romantic love.

- Michel Beauvais
- 176 pages
- 4.16 inches W x 6.3 inches L x 1.04 inches H
- Hardcover
- E/P/A Editions
- 2019
- Gardens
- Item #: 978-2379640810