Glass Scarab Swivel Ring

This ornate ring features an Egyptian scarab from the Getty Villa collection. The glass bead is a scarab reproduction with detailed carvings and etchings on each side. Designed exclusively for the Getty and made in the USA.

Available in cobalt and turquoise.

- Dimensions: 3/4 Inch L x 1/4 Inch W

- Materials: Glass, 24K gold-plate, brass
- Made in the USA
- Item #: 110K & 100Q

Carved scarabs, modeled after the dung beetle, were a potent symbol of rebirth, resurrection, and the life-giving sun in ancient Egypt and Nubia. This association made scarabs one of the most popular amuletic adornments throughout these civilizations. Typically pierced and fashioned as a ring or pendant, their significance through time yielded more diversity in material and craftsmanship. Gold swivel rings were designed to flip between a delicately incised scarab or a stamp seal on the opposing side. The carvings displayed on the intaglio underside were believed to imbue magical qualities that shielded their wearers from malevolent forces. Heart scarabs, an inscribed funerary amulet placed near a mummy's heart, afforded powerful protection to the deceased.

Scarab. 4th-3rd century B.C.
Almandine Garnet, 0.8 × 1.1 × 0.8 cm (5/16 × 7/16 × 5/16 in.)
J. Paul Getty Museum, 81.AN.76.142