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Chris Killip: In Flagrante Two

  • The photographs that Chris Killip (born 1946) took in Northern England between 1973 and 1985 were first published by Secker & Warburg as In Flagrante in 1988, a volume that quickly established itself as the most important 1980s photobook on England and a classic of the genre. Compassionate but unwavering in its gaze, In Flagrante documented industrial Northern England in decline, suffering from the aftershocks of neoliberal economic strategies most brutally embodied in the policies of Margaret Thatcher. 'The objective history of England doesn't amount to much if you don't believe in it, and I don't,' reflects Killip. 'And I don't believe that anyone in these photographs does either, as they face the reality of deindustrialization in a system which regards their lives as disposable.' Chris Killip: In Flagrante Two revisits the classic photobook with a beautifully produced, radically updated presentation: each double-page spread features a single image on the right side. Strident in its belief in the primacy and power of the photographic image, In Flagrante Two allows for and embraces ambiguities and contradictions arising from the unadorned narrative sequence, completely devoid of text--forcing viewers to truly look, to witness.

    - Chris Killip
    - 108 pages
    - 14.5 inches W x 11.4 inches L x 0.6 inch H
    - Steidl
    - 2016
    - Item #: 978-3869309606