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Complete Beginner's Guide to Drawing Manga

The complete crash course in how to draw your own manga characters and comics.

Award-winning manga artist Sonia Leong, with the help of other acclaimed manga creators and educators, gives you all the tips, tricks and tools you will need to get your ideas onto the page.

- Discover how to get started, build your confidence, and boost your skills, beginning from first principles.
- Learn how to draw faces, bodies, hands, feet, and create unique characters with their own styles.
- Get the most out of your drawing materials, from traditional pens and pencils to digital software, and discover how best to use them to work up your own manga stories and comics.
- Benefit from advice on pacing, layout, composition and lettering.

- Sonia Leong
- 176 pages
- 7.5 inches W x 9.7 inches L
- Paperback
- Ilex Press
- 2023
- Techniques
- Item #: 978-1781578810