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When Photography Really Works



  • Every day and all over the world, millions of people take countless photographs. Yet only a few of those images stand out from the rest, demand the world's attention, and survive the test of time. This unusual new book showcases 100 outstanding photographers and points out the unique qualities that make their pictures great. Skillfully analyzed here are: The dramatic landscapes of Ansel Adams, the experimental images of Man Ray, the dramatic photos of Margaret Bourke-White, incongruous humor caught by Garry Winogrand, the candid immediacy of Henri Cartier-Bresson and many others. Guided by the expert eye of author Val Williams, When Photography Really Works covers a time span of more than 100 years, showing readers how to recognize the defining qualities of important photographic art in genres that include portraits, landscapes, nudes, photojournalism, abstract imagery, and more.

    - Val Williams
    - 224 pages
    - 7.2 W x 5 L x 0.8 H
    - Paperback
    - B.E.S. Publishing
    - 2012
    - Item#: 978-0764147890

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