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Egyptian Handblown Glass Wine Goblet - Red

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DG-317 RED

  • This wine goblet is handblown in Egypt using traditional glassblowing techniques. Although delicate in appearance, it is made of modern Pyrex glass, lending durability.

    - Dimensions: 8 inches high x 3 inches diameter
    - 24 kt gold accents
    - Item #: DG-317 RED

    Egyptian glassmaking in the modern form has been around since the beginning of the 19th century, when a resurgence of the art form of glassblowing took place. This is a highly artistic craft and the techniques are passed down from generation to generation. For these exquisite pieces, Pyrex glass tubes are fired and shaped. The torch heats the glass to almost liquid form, using pressurized oxygen to make the glass flexible. A number of small tools are used to detail the item. During this process, the artisan rotates the glass constantly and blows air through it quickly and precisely to achieve the desired shape and look. The painter applies color by placing the piece on a spinning wheel to evenly distribute the paint color and then applies 24 kt real gold accents.

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