18th Century Reproduction Sundial/Compass

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  • The compass opened the world to exploration and discovery. Invented in China about 200 BCE during the Han Dynasty, it was primarily used by feng-shui priests hired to advise on how and where to build. Today the compass is still a basic tool, a magnetized needle rotating on a vertical pin, that always points due North (to the North Pole). Sailors in the sixteenth century were accustomed to follow coastlines, but could now suddenly cross oceans. They could devise a compass course, while still using their age-old knowledge of steering by fixed stars, ocean currents and prevailing winds to establish position.

    Raising the triangular gnomon upright while pointing the compass needle North will show the time. The correct time will show only if the local latitude corresponds to angle of gnomon.
  • - 3 3/8" diameter
    - Box: 3 3/4" x 3 3/4" Sq.
    - Made of Brass
    - Made in India/China
    - Item: CO012