50 Architects You Should Know

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  • Starting with the Renaissance, this introduction to fifty visionary architects traces the major aesthetic movements over the past six centuries and offers concise portraits of the geniuses behind them. This accessible and lively survey takes readers around the world and through history, from Filippo Brunelleschi to Antoni Gaudi to Frank Gehry. Double-page spreads feature full-color illustrations, informative sidebars, and a timeline that extends throughout the book. A concise and accessible architectural history, this book is a fascinating look at the enormous variety of ways architects have helped define their eras.

    - Isabel Kuhl, Kristina Lowis, Sabine Thiel-Siling
    - 176 pages
    - 7.9" W x 0.6" H x 9.4" L
    - Prestel 
    - Item #: 978-3791340432