A Poke in the I: A Collection of Concrete Poems

SKU: 978-0763623760
  • Concrete poems startle and delight the eye and mind. The size and arrangement of words and letters can add or alter meaning — forming a poem that takes the shape of crows that fly off the page or becoming a balloon filled with rhyme, drifting away from outstretched hands. Here, in a single extraordinary volume, are thirty poems from some of the world's finest visual poets, including John Hollander, Emmett Williams, Maureen W. Armour, and Douglas Florian. New to the paperback edition, tucked inside the front cover, are tips, guidelines, and inspiration for writing your own concrete poems.

    - Paul B. Janeczko & Chris Raschka
    - 48 pages
    - 9.9 inches W x 9.9 inches L x 0.2 inch H
    - Paperback
    - Penguin Random House
    - 2005
    - Item #: 978-0763623760