Amenophis II Sculpture

SKU: RE000065
  • Hand patinated resin reproduction of a sculpture of Amenophis II, cast from the original in red quartzite - Egypt circa 1439-1413 B.C..

    - Includes certificate of authenticity
    - Dimensions: 11 inches H x 8 inches W x 7 inches D (including base) 
    - Imported from France
    - Item#: RE000065

    The original of this exceptional sculpture, a masterpiece of the 18th Dynasty, has been on display in the Department of Egyptian Antiquities for many years. It was acquired by the Louvre in 1900. This royal head, with its rather elongated face, is covered in a striped nemes, the customary headdress of sphinxes and statues of dead kings. It consists of a piece of material, probably decorated with colored stripes, flaring out at each side of the ears and falling over the chest. It ends in a kind of bow at the back. On the front is a large uraeus with an undulating body (a female cobra), the protector and symbol of royalty. It is set against a flat diadem encircling the head, above the very high and flashy ears. The eyes are lengthened with a line of eye shadow and the brows are stylized. These details give the sculpture a kind of pensive majesty despite the small smiling mouth. The eyes were originally highlighted in color, like the entire statue. The round chin is prolonged by a finely braided false beard which was fastened by two cords, now broken.