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Aphrodite Sculpture

RB00 2053

  • Hand patinated resin reproduction of a sculpture of Aphrodite, cast from the original in bronze, now housed at the Louvre Museum in Paris - Greece - 3rd Century B.C..

    - Imported from France
    - Includes certificate of authenticity
    - Dimensions: 7 1/2 inches H x 2 3/4 inches wide x 2 3/4 inches deep (including base) 
    - Item#: RB00 2053

    It was during the 4th century BC that the sculptor Praxiteles dared to represent Aphrodite, the goddess of Love. His masterpiece, the famous Aphrodite of Cnidos left a great influence on sculptural creation. It is such that bronze workers from the Hellenistic period treated the female nude in thousands of variations, rivaling one another in grace and invention. The statue of Aphrodite admiring herself in a mirror - held in her right hand - represents one of the most charming fantasies born of the creative imagination.

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