Assyrian Motif Silk Scarf

Silk scarf featuring an Assyrian motif in traditional colors - red, blue, gold, white and black. These bold colors were typically used by the Assyrians on their painted and sculpted ornaments and were often found in Assyrian palaces.

- 100% Silk, screen printed
- Dimensions: 35 inches X 35 inches 
- Item #:  T63750

The mighty Assyrian empire began as the small city-state of Ashur in what is now the north-eastern region of Iraq. It first asserted control over a large area in the 14th century BC, but by the 12th century BC it had collapsed. By the 7th century BC, the last great Assyrian king, Ashurbanipal, ruled over a geographically and culturally diverse empire, shaping the lives of peoples from the eastern Mediterranean to western Iran.