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Barn Owl Hand Puppet

Ethereal and elegant, this Barn Owl puppet is ready to roost with you. It features a feathery plush body accented with exquisitely printed wings. The movable head and wings will let your imagination soar. Did you know there is a mythic connection between owls and Athena, the goddess of wisdom? That explains why owls have a reputation for being wise. Artifacts such as ancient coins depicting Athena's Owls can be found at the Getty Villa Museum.

- 10 inches L X 7 inches W X 14 inches H
- Ages 3 and up
- Surface-washable only. Do not submerge the puppet in water. For spot cleaning, use lukewarm water and sponge with mild liquid detergent. Rinse surface with sponge. Dry by gently squeezing between towels, or hanging from clothesline to drip-dry. Shake out to fluff.
- Item #: 3124