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British Watercolours: 1750-1880

Now available in a flexi format this book is a magnificent survey of watercolor masterpieces from artists such as Turner, Blake, Constable, and Whistler. This beautiful volume documents an important moment in the history of the watercolor, as its practitioners moved from the tinted drawings to the creation of fully-fledged works of art that rivaled oil paintings in their expressiveness and technical brilliance. With its rolling hills, cloud-laden skies, and ever-shifting light, Britain was the perfect setting for such a revolution, as artists packed sketchbooks, brushes, and paints and headed for the countryside. Authors Wilton and Lyles document the evolution of the British watercolor, from the more classically inspired eighteenth-century landscapes to the vivid experiments in Naturalism and Romanticism, with their concomitant studies in light and atmosphere. Over 300 exquisite reproductions allow readers to appreciate the delicate colors and fine lines of these important works, while the authors' authoritative and eminently readable texts enhance the overall experience of witnessing the birth of an independent medium, and some of the most breathtaking examples of watercolors the world has ever known.

- Andrew Wilton and Anne Lyles
- 340 pages
- 7.9 inches W x 9.7 inches L x 1.02 inches H
- Paperback
- Prestel
- 2011
- Paintings
- Item #: 978-3791345390