Bronze Olympic Myrtle Cuff

SKU: 7159BZ
  • Described as a true 'copy of nature,' this stunning hand patinaed bronze cuff bracelet is made from casts of actual myrtle leaves. Mythological figures, victors in the Olympic games, and heads of state and armies wore myrtle wreaths. It was a sign of power and triumph, and serves as the inspiration for this elegant and regal jewelry. To create these pieces, the artist uses a casting technique that is similar to the lost-wax method. A botanical element, in this case a myrtle leaf, is encased to create a mold and as this mold is heated, the botanical element inside is burned away. The perfect mold that is left behind is finally manipulated into the unique jewelry design.

    - Diameter of cuff: 2 1/4 inches
    - Width of cuff: 1 inch
    - Item #: 7159BZ