California: Then and Now

SKU: 978-1862059948
  • With images from all over California, this collection has a strong emphasis on the tourist locations of the state, with large sections reserved for vintage photos of San Francisco, Los Angeles, Hollywood, Malibu, Long Beach, and San Diego. The hippie enclaves of Haight-Ashbury are featured in glorious Ektachrome, as are the early rides of Disneyland at Anaheim. There are then/now match-ups for the most famous sign in the world in Hollywood, plus forays into Gold Country and Death Valley.

    - Karl Mondon
    - 400 pages
    - 6.1 inches W x 4.9 inches L x 1.3 inches H
    - Hardcover
    - Independent Publishers Group
    - 2012
    - Item #: 978-1862059948