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Candle Sculpture - Ash Green

This artisanal candle is inspired by imaginary objects from the altars of ancient mythology. The transient nature of the hand-poured wax, combined with the form of relic sculpture, creates an art piece that melts as a performance transforming slowly over time. The eclectic palette of shapes in soft colors makes a statement of its own, or group them together to form a chic ensemble on your dining room table or mantel.

There are a number of antiquities, in the form of sculptures, Greek vases, jewelry, and other artworks, that depict images from ancient mythology in the collections of the Getty Villa.

- Unscented paraffin wax with natural lead-free wick
- Ash green
- 3.5 inches diameter x 3.75 inches
- The gift box measures 3.75 inches square x 4 inches high
- The box is embellished with gold stamping
- Do not leave the burning candle unattended
- Place candle on a flame-resistant plate or surface
- Candle burns through the center
- Safety instructions are noted on the bottom of the candle
- Made in Barcelona, Spain
- Burn time is 60 hours
- Item #: OTC4-20

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