Multi-Wick Tall Candle - Quadra Due

SKU: AC0102
  • This unique candle has been skillfully crafted by a small team in Vancouver, Canada in collaboration with local artisans and a German design team. The candle is designed with multiple wicks, with one wick igniting the next as the candle moves through its burn process. Glass beads affixed to the base of each wick stop the flame from advancing and extinguish safely within 10mm of the bottom of the candle. 

    - Made of high-quality, food grade paraffin wax; 100% biodegradable
    - 5.5 hours of burn time
    - Candle measures 6.2 inches high x 2.4 inches wide x 1.5 inches deep at base
    - Do not leave burning candles unattended
    - Made in Vancouver, Canada
    - Designed in Germany
    - Item #: AC0102